Haiti today, five years after the earthquake?

Doctors without Borders Health Care Underprioritized Haiti reconstruction 

On January 12, 2010, a devastating earthquake shook Haiti, and 60 percent of an already dysfunctional health system was destroyed in an instant. Government estimates of the number of people killed during the earthquake remain controversial, but MSF reports 10 percent of Haiti’s medical staff were either killed or subsequently left the country. Despite Haiti being deemed a philanthropically “successful” disaster, financing and organizing the reconstruction efforts in Haiti continue to be a challenge. The vast majority of the Haitian people still struggle to access the health care they need. MSF’s Haiti Country Director Oliver Schulz highlights key priorities to strengthen health care for local authorities and their international partners right now:

  1. More organized, secure, and timely funding mechanisms
  2. More coherent planning from those involved in the reconstruction effort
  3. More resources to provide effective emergency trauma and obstetric care, neonatal emergency health care, and treatment of severe burns