Women’s Self Esteem and What Men Want

The Atlantic How Women’s Self-Esteem is Tied to What Men Want

Researchers from Southern Methodist University and Florida State University have found that their study participants felt higher satisfaction with their weight when they were told men were attracted to average-sized models.

Undergraduate heterosexual women looked at images of plus-sized models (“plus-sized” in model terms). In some cases, the width of the pictures was reduced by 30 percent, “to depict the thin-ideal.” After viewing images of these models, women who were randomly assigned to be told that men found plus-sized models attractive experienced increased weight satisfaction compared to women who were not given any information. Moreover, telling women that other women find larger models attractive did not yield similar benefits. The study reveals once again that women’s beliefs about men’s body preferences are an important factor in women’s body satisfaction.

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NPR: http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2015/01/09/376084137/trapped-in-his-body-for-12-years-a-man-breaks-free

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